• How can I find out how much delivery will cost?

  • Within 25 miles of Silsden we deliver 1 - 1000+ sleepers for £20.00. We use AutoRoute to estimate the distance but you can use our online map to provide an idea of the distance. If you call us we will be pleased to quote a delivery price to where you live.

  • Railway sleepers seem to be the solution for my project but I'm not sure what I need?

  • Please call us we will be happy to help.

  • Where are you?

  • We are in Silsden, West Yorkshire, please see our online map

  • I want to make a play area, are your railway sleepers suitable?
  • I want a large beam for my house.
  • I want to make a raised bed
  • I want to make some steps in the garden
  • We can provide a railway sleeper for you, however a used sleeper may not be suitable because of the creasote used as a perservative. Please call for advice - please tell us what you require the sleeper for.

  • Used sleepers do contain creosote and are not recommended for uses such as children's play areas, or for internal use such as a fireplace beam. For more advice please see advice on the use of wood treated with creosote

  • We also stock new railway sleepers which are creosote free.
  • Can you cut the railway sleepers to the size I need?

  • Yes